Each year at AISL we hold a student council election. Student Council is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain some practical experience in campaigning, decision making, advertising, fundraising, budgeting, communication, and team building. Those students who are interested and approved to run in the election have one week to campaign amongst their fellow students. On the final day of the campaign, the candidates present a speech to the student body before the vote takes place. After all the votes have been counted and results have been formally announced there is an official ceremony whereby the former Student Council leaders step down allowing the newly elected members to step up and take their places.




Student Council Members 2015-2016


President- Diane Adote

Vice-President – Justin Montgomery

Secretary – Adrian Sivomey

Financial Secretary – Britney Tokpley

Technical Director – Bryan Gomond

Technical Assistant – Abdel Azim Adoyi

Middle School Representative – Fatouma Toure

Lower School Representative – Nana Toure