AISL is celebrating its 50th birthday this year! The school was founded in 1967 by the U.S. Embassy in order to attract more American family members to come to Lome, Togo. The initial students enrolled were state department dependents but over the years the student population has taken on taken on many different faces.

The school was originally housed in a building near the city center. Due to higher enrollments and lack of space, a new facility was built in the northern suburbs about 10 mins from the U.S. Embassy. The city continues to grow towards the north and there are major roads and hi-ways that can get you to the school from almost any place in Lome.

The student population has had lows of 21 students to highs over 100. The current population is 77 students from Nursery to grade 12. AISL remains a state department sponsored school but most students now attending are residents in Western African countries. Expectation for school year 2017/18 project 120 students.

The staff is a mixture of local and expat teachers with a continued push to yearly increase the quality of instruction and educational programs. Many of the staff have been with AISL for a long period and provide a very friendly family atmosphere to the program.

The school is governed by a board of directors. There are five elected community members selected to serve on the board for a term of two years. Membership is open to any community members but we encourage as many parents as possible participate. The board’s duties are similar to those of a School Board in the U.S.

Many past graduates have returned to the school to say “thanks” for the wonderful opportunities here. More than half of the graduating classes attend a university outside of Togo. Many have been very successful in their chosen careers and credit AISL with some of their success.

AISL continues to offer an American Based Curriculum and the school goes through an educational inspection and accreditation every five years. The school is currently accredited by the Middle States Accreditation Association.

Families members are generally very happy with the educational program at AISL and appreciate the intense English language opportunities for their children. As in any school environment, we would like to do more and offer more.

Projections for the future look promising for AISL, plans for facility upgrades to include new equipment will certainly be a plus for all students. Please stop by and visit us.