Mission Statement

The American International School of Lomé is committed to cultivating a student’s intellect and character from Nursery to graduation in a multi-cultural family environment where individual potential, global perspective and preparation for life-long learning are developed through a flexible academic program.


A.I.S.L. believes in the worth and dignity of all who enter our doors. Our students are treated with respect and as individuals. We consider the development of character to be on par with that of intellect and to fall within our role as educators. Personal integrity, care and compassion for others, understanding and respect for difference are promoted in our classes as well as in all our activities. Our goal is to assist each student to develop self-discipline and to learn to accept responsibility for his/her own actions.


A.I.S.L.’s academic program follows the best of the American model of education and is taught by a team of effective educators. Research and independent work are prized. Our goal is to instill a respect for intellectual integrity and to teach the skills that lead to both creative and critical thinking. We nurture a desire for life-long learning and create its academic base – which will serve as a foundation for survival and success in our ever changing world. Skills necessary for independent and higher thinking are taught, as is the ethic of taking responsibility for one’s own learning, one’s words, one’s actions and even for the practical realization of one’s ideas.


Following a standards-based curriculum, we guide our students from Nursery to graduation as we prepare them for entry to the university. The language of teaching is English and every opportunity is taken to help students master this language. Our language goal is for students, if possible, to graduate fluent in both English and French -the host country language. In general, students are encouraged to achieve excellence whenever possible. The flexibility of our program allows us to offer challenging and meaningful experiences with awareness of individual differences and personal potential.


Music, sports, art, drama and community service play a role in the whole school program available to each student. While the educational philosophy and curriculum are primarily American, the school is international in its outlook as well as its composition. Our final goal is to prepare our students to become responsible, well-educated citizens with a global perspective and a strong sense of their own personal identity, ready to value others regardless of race, creed or personal lifestyle.

American International School of Lomé

Profile of the Graduate


  • is proficient in the English language
  • is aware of world issues and thinks globally
  • has a positive attitude
  • is an independent, critical and creative thinker
  • has a good work ethic
  • takes responsibility for learning and actions
  • can speak in public
  • has completed the requirements for the AISL diploma
  • is competent in the use of technology
  • is prepared for college level work
  • can make healthy life style choices
  • is aware of cultural differences
  • knows how to work in a team
  • can be a leader
  • is respectful of self, others and the environment
  • is tolerant and understanding of others
  • I s intellectually curious
  • is a problem solver
  • practices perseverance when facing challenges
  • is a good citizen
  • is prepared to make the world a better place